March 17, 2021

Danish Betting Venues to Stay Closed Until April 5

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2020 was definitely a year to forget. Apart from losing loved ones, businesses crumbled, with most employees and business owners going broke. That said, one of the most affected areas was Denmark. Like other governments worldwide, the Danish government introduced Covid-19 containment measures.

Danish Betting Venues to Stay Closed Until April 5

In Dec 2020, all land-based gambling venues were temporarily closed following a government directive. According to the regulations, the country's land-based gambling venues in all 38 municipalities remained closed until January 3, 2021. However, this was extended to February 28, 2021, with the primary objective remaining to open at the start of 2021.

Interestingly, the announcement came at a time when Spillemyndighenden (Danish Gambling Authority) was already licensing new brick-and-mortar casinos as well as on-ship casinos. This exercise started in October 2020 and was expected to close at the tail-end of January 2021.

The latest update

Unfortunately for everyone, Covid-19 cases in Denmark remained higher by the end of February. It's worth noting that the B117 variant is the most prevalent Covid-19 form in Denmark. This variant is said to be more infectious.

To prevent further spread, even as the government commences vaccination, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority said that gaming halls, casinos, and restaurants would remain closed until April 5.

The government also announced that specific age groups would report back to learning institutions in select regions. Sadly, travel restrictions will remain until early next month.

What's happening in England?

England is one of the worst-hit countries by Covid-19. Therefore, it's only logical that the government has strict Covid-19 containment measures. All gambling venues in the country have been shut since January 5, at the start of the third lockdown.

According to the government's economic reopening plan, English betting shops won't reopen until April 12. Casinos, bingo halls, and adult gaming centers will follow suit on May 17, the third phase of the reopening plan.

However, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the reopening stages would depend on information collected about the virus's spread. He added that there would be at least five weeks between each reopening phase. This means pushing back an earlier step will affect a subsequent step, in return.

As expected, BGC (Betting and Gaming Council) urged the government to reopen casinos and betting shops with other non-essential retail shops. They argue that betting shops and casinos have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they have the best-in-class anti-Covid measures to protect players and staff.

In response, Boris Johnson said that the reopening plan is a "one-way road." The main objective is to lift the restrictions completely with no reintroduction. Also, the Prime Minister said that the government is working closely with Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to lift the measures.

Future of the gaming industry

As said before, the gambling industry has suffered a great deal from Covid-19. And it might even get worse as authorities worldwide are discovering new strains that are more dangerous and faster to spread.

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope after the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. But even as such, governments continue to place containment measures such as lockdowns and social distancing.

Meanwhile, you can bet safely from the comfort of your home by using online casinos and sportsbooks. Experts even say that this is the future of gambling.

For instance, live online casinos allow punters to enjoy themselves anywhere, anytime. They come with live dealer rooms where players can meet real-life croupiers and other players from all corners of the world.

Just remember to gamble on a regulated online casino for the safety of your funds and personal information. All in all, the future of the gambling industry is safe.

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