Live Casino Wordlist

Are you new to the casino world and want to learn the different casino terms, or just want to freshen your casino term memory? Then you have come to the right place- we have compiled all the casino terms you want to know below.


ACS - An acronym for Automatic Card Shuffler

Action - Refers to the amount of money a player bets during a specific period.

Alias - Where you have to fill in your name to be able to play at a live casino. A player can choose an Alias of their choice.

Android Casino - Android today is almost as common as the iPhone, which is why most casinos offer mobile games for Android as well.

Ante - An initial bet that is required before a hand can start. This is usually in card games.

Auto-play - When a gambler is playing slots, you could previously select “auto-play”. This means that the machine automatically spins as many spins as you choose.

Automatic Card Shuffler - A machine that automatically shuffles one or more decks of cards. This is used in land-based casinos.

Avalanch function - Some slots have something called the avalanch function, this means that symbols are blown away and new ones fall down during the same game round. Among other things, you will find the function in ELK Studio's Bompers slot machine.


Banker - A position usually held by the dealer who is in charge of taking lost bets and paying out winnings.

Bankroll - A sum of money that is used for the purposes of gambling.

Basic Strategy (Blackjack) - In the game of Blackjack there is something called Basic Strategy or basic strategy. This means that you play Blackjack with the strategy that is the foundation of RTP. You can read more about Blackjack here.

Bet / Casino - When you play a casino game with real money, you must place a bet. An action when a gambler is gambling with money. A bet could be made on time in a game, a possession a race etc. With the act of playing a game of chance for a stake, which is usually money.
Bet limits - In every game when you want to play in a casino, has so-called bet limits. This means that there is a minimum and maximum bet you can make. When playing a game like blackjack, for example, a minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $500.

Bet Max - When you play slots, there is a button called Bet Max. This means that you bet the highest amount possible in the machine.

Betting Layout - Players can place their chips to make a chosen bet on a gaming table.

Betting Limits - The minimum and maximum stakes allowed at a gaming table.

Bonus - A bonus is a valuable item, a promotional offer you receive at a casino. A bonus allows players to earn free spins or free money while playing a game. Many casinos offer different bonuses. Most are received when a player has made a deposit, but can sometimes be received without a deposit.

Bonus Feature - Bonus feature is a feature of a slot. When you play a slot with a bonus game, the bonus mode usually has various features to help you win.

Bonus symbol - To get a bonus mode in a slot machine, you usually need to spin at least three bonus symbols.

Burn Card - A card removed from the top of a deck and discarded before a card game starts. Usually, players do not know what the card was.

Bust - The goal is to reach 21 in Blackjack. But if you or the dealer goes over 21, you get bust, and this is when you lose.


Cage - Similar to safes and vault, a place where money is stored.

Card counting (Blackjack) - Card counting is an advanced technique within Blackjack. It means that you know which cards have arrived and which ones are left before the dealer shuffles the deck.

Card Counting - A strategy used for blackjack to find an advantage, whether by a player or dealer.
Card Shark - An expert in card playing, often winning over less-experienced players.
Card Sharp - Another name for Card Shark.
Card Washing - The act of spreading cards across a table in a washing motion to shuffle a deck.

Cashback - Cashback is a gambling term that means that you get back the money you have lost. This feature is most common in online casino operators.

Cash Bonus - An additional winning that can be withdrawn once wagering requirements are met.

Cash Out - When you close your bet before the outcome is stated to preserve your winnings or cut losses.

Cashier’s Desk - Where players can money for casino chips to gamble.

Chasing - When a player keeps betting after constantly losing in an attempt to break even.

Chip Tray - A container used to carry tokens, casino chips, and coins.

Chips - A small disk-like token used as currency.

Coat Tail - A player who follows suit of the winner by betting their same numbers.

Cold Streak - When a player has a long-lasting losing run.

Comp Complimentary - items provided by a casino to encourage players to continue gambling. Comps depend on the game, hours, and money played.

Comp Hustling - A player who overstays to enjoy comps, in the form of staying on the floor or by rummaging the floor for bonus vouchers.

Comp Points - For online casinos, a form of comps that allow players to get more points to win more money.

Continuous Shuffling Machine - A machine used to thoroughly shuffle cards.

Croupier - A casino employee who collects and pays bets.

CSM - See Continuous Shuffling Machine.

Cut Card - A blank card using to separate decks.


Dealer - Another term for Croupier; a casino employee in charge of a gaming table.

Deck Penetration - The approximate percentage of cards in a deck before a dealer shuffles.

Deposit - Adding money to an online account.

Deposit Bonus - When an online casino gives free money as a thank-you for adding real money to your account.

Deposit Method - When adding money to your online account, typically through a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

Dice Control - A controversial theory that a player can learn how to throw dice to get desired numbers.

Dirty Money - Money earned by the casino through losing bets.

Discard Tray - A container held by the dealer holding used or discarded cards.

Double Down - When playing Blackjack, players gets the opportunity to double their hand after the first two cards. If a player selects "Double", a gambler can only receive one more card.

Down Card - Cards dealt face down.

Download Casino - Online casino games that require downloading software to play.


eCOGRA - Testing and standards organization that specializes in online gambling (E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance)

Edge - Calculating a higher probability of occurrence for a bet than the odds you receive.

Encryption - Used by online casinos to protect money and information from hackers.

Even Money Bet - Wagering money when the odds are equal. The better can lose or win the same amount.

Expanding Wild - When playing slots, a gambler will come across all sorts of wild symbols and one of them is expanding wilds. This means that the wild symbol expands and gives gamblers more wilds on the board.

Expected Win Rate - The amount of money a player is expected to wine over a period of time.

Eye in the Sky - Closed circuit cameras used for monitoring a casino.


Face Card - Any jack, queen, or king card.

Face Down Card - See Down Card.

Face Up Card - Cards dealt face up.

Flash Casino - An online casino that uses an Adobe Flash plugin, where players can access games from a web browser.

Flat Betting - When a player bets the same amount each time.

Flush - When playing Blackjack a gambler can make a side bet. One of the side bets pays if a gambler receives the same suit on the first two cards together with the dealer's first.

Free Spins - A gambler can be offered a certain number of Free Spins in a welcome bonus. The opportunity to spin in a selected slot without having to bet any money. Sometimes the Free Spins come with wagering requirements and sometimes without.

Free bonus - A free bonus is a bonus that the casino gives to players without any deposit requirements, this is usually in connection with registering and opening an account with the casino.


Gambler’s Fallacy - A false belief that something is more or less likely to happen based on how many times it has happened before.

George - A term used by the Dealer for a big-tipping player.

Gross Winnings - The difference between how much a player bets and how much they win.


Hearts - One of the two suits of a deck of cards and one of the four suits.

High Roller - A player who consistently bets large sums of money.

Hit - When you play Blackjack, you always get two cards in your hand. If you want a third card say or click "Hit". The dealer then gives you a third card.

Hot Streak - When a player has a long-lasting winning run.

Hot Table - When players at a specific table keep winning.

House - Another term for Casino.

House Edge - The advantage a casino has to make money over players.

House Rules - Rules that are specific to a casino.


Jackpot - A large prize amount often associated with slot machines.


Layout - Markings on a game table dividing the surface into sections.

Live Dealer Games - An in-person casino game with a human Dealer, as opposed to an online casino game with a computer Dealer.

Lobby - Where players can see all games available in online casinos.

Loose Slot - A slot machine with a high payout.

Loyalty Program - A membership for casinos. Players can connect their cards to the membership so that when makes transactions, they can gain rewards.


Marker - Similar to a short-term loan or a line of credit, a player can borrow money from a casino to bet.

Maximum Bet - The highest a player can bet during a game.

Minimum Bet - The lowest a player can bet during a game.

Mobile Casino - A mobile casino is where you can play all online games on your phone.

Multi-Hand - Game When players use multiple hands at once during a game. A bet must be made from each hand.

Multi-Player Game - When players use only one hand at a time during a game.


Net Winnings - The amount a casino makes after prizes and winnings are distributed after a game is played.

No deposit bonus - A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit.


Odds - The chances of winning or losing during a game.

Optimal Strategy - A “correct” way to play to give players a better chance at winning.

Open Card - When playing Blackjack, a player can choose a table where the dealer shows both his cards instead of one. This gives a clear advantage, but at the same time, the dealer always wins equally, which means that the player’s advantage quickly disappears.


Paint - Slang term for Face Card.

Payout - The money given to a player after a winning bet.

Payout Odds - How much a player will win from a bet, relative to the stake. This means for 3:1, a player will win $3 for every $1 put down.

Payout Percentage - How much money is returned to a player. For example, if a player’s payout percentage is 90%, for every $10 wagered, they will win $9.

Payout Table - Shows how much can be won on a specific game.

Payline - A pay line is the same as a paytable. It is a line where winnings are paid out in the game.

Pit - Areas that break up a casino. Each pit has a designated number of tables for games.

Pit Boss - An employee who oversees an individual pit.

Play Bonus - For online gambling, this can be used for wagering only. It can’t be withdrawn.

Play For Fun - For online casinos, games with no winnings that are offered to players who don’t put down any money.

Progression Betting - Broken into two styles. 1. Positive betting, which means when a player increases their stake after a win, and 2. Negative betting, which means a player decreases their stake after a win.

Progressive Jackpot - A Jackpot that grows until it is one.

Put - Slang for a Tie in a game.


Reload Bonus - The reload bonus is given to loyal players at a casino. It is granted when gamblers deposit more money in their casino accounts. A "top-up bonus" and means that you get an extra penny if you choose to top up your gaming account.

Re-spins - In some slots you can get re-spins. This means that you get a free spin if you succeed in fulfilling the function.

RTP - RTP stands for return to player and is the payback percentage. Most often you will find RTP in a slot and can see how much is refunded to players.


Shoe - A container that holds and dispenses cards at a game table.

Shuffle - When a dealer mixes the cards to keep the order anonymous.

Side Bet - A bet placed on an outcome not related to the result of the game. For example, betting that your first card is higher than 10.

Sign Up Bonus - For online casinos, incentive given to player when they first join.

Slots - A slot machine is a casino game that has spinning reels. The reels contain symbols on them. If the symbols line up, a prize is won. The price depends on where the different symbols land.

Stake - A bet size.

Sticky Bonus - Slang for Play Bonus.

Stiff -A term used by the Dealer for a player who doesn’t tip.

Split - When a player gets the same value on both cards when playing blackjack, there is an opportunity to split them. Another card on each will be dealt. Now there are two playing hands that must match the initial wager for the new second hand.


Table - Hold A gaming table’s profit after a set period of time.

Table Limit - The minimum and maximum amounts of money that players can bet on one hand.

Tilt - To play recklessly due to emotions, typically caused by losing.

Toke - Slang for tip given to Dealer.

True Odds - The odds of a bet based on probability.

Turnover Requirement - An expression that is used to describe the amount wagered. Meaning placing bets with the money that´s been deposited.

Tournament - Allows players to make bets with a minimum rate that competes with other players.


Up Card - See Face Up Card.


VIP Club - For the most loyal players, some casinos have VIP programs. The higher the VIP players climb in the VIP club, the better the rewards.
VIP Player - A player valued for betting regularly and/or for using high stakes at a casino.
VIP Program - For online casinos, how players can be rewarded for their activity.


Wager - How much money a player bets.

Wagering Requirements - For online casinos, it dictates how much a play must bet before making a withdrawal.

Welcome Bonus - If a player is new to a casino and opens an account, they are rewarded with a welcome bonus.

Whale - Players who bet thousands or millions of dollars in one night.

Withdrawal - When a player moves the money from their online account back to the payment of their choice.