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Evolution Gaming is always aiming towards ensuring customer satisfaction, and that is why they are ever rolling out better games, for instance, the live speed roulette. The live casino game has captured every live casino enthusiast's attention, and below are reasons why.

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What is Live Speed Roulette?

Live speed roulette is an online live casino game that allows players to experience a stunning 25 seconds per spin. That makes it the world's fastest live roulette game. The casino product involves multiple high-quality cameras capturing the action from close proximity. Evolution Gaming then transmits the footage from their studio in Latvia to gamers across the globe in crisp condition.

How to Play Live Speed Roulette?

Playing Live Speed Roulette is easy. First, wagers are placed when the wheel is spinning so that there are no dead times. After that, the person who makes the right prediction gets to walk away with cash depending on their stake amount. Since Evolution Gaming does not offer a demo of the live casino, players must have a casino account with funds loaded to access the game.

How Does Live Speed Roulette Work?

Like any other live casino, Evolution Gaming's Live Speed Roulette comes with rules that players must adhere to, for instance:

  • Every player must place bets before the ball lands in a pocket. Otherwise, they will have to wait for the next spin.
  • Gamers must stick to the betting limits, which usually range between £/€/$1 to £/€/$5,000. It is hence vital that gaming enthusiasts confirm the limit before placing the bets.
  • After the outcome, the winning player must decide whether to check out or continue before the ball lands in a pocket.
  • Since there are no demos, each player must stake to take part in the game.

How Does Live Speed Roulette Work?

Live Speed roulette happens to be one of the best online live casino games ever made by Evolution Gaming. From its name, the game is fast, and so the roulette wheel keeps spinning with no dead times. To cope with the pressure, the operator custom made the gaming tools from a recognized company called TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Unlike most live dealers, the live casino requires concentration, which new players lack. What usually happens is that the roulette wheel spins, and once the ball lands in a slot, the machine updates the results. In a matter of seconds, the next round begins.

How to Win at Live Speed Roulette

Every customer in an online casino goes there to have fun but, most importantly, win cash. Just like any other live roulette, the game in question requires tricks to win. Yes, it is a game of chance, but still, players can increase their chances of winning with specific strategies.

Live Speed Roulette Strategy

As mentioned earlier, live speed roulette is fast. Therefore, gamers must adjust to the speed. That is by making quick decisions when needed. They should also be ready to place informed bets instantly, given that there is no time to analyze and make valid conclusions. Another strategy is to always stick to the gaming rules. For instance, players should not wager above or below the staking limit. Doing so will only lead to disqualification, and that means punters get to miss a shot at winning. These are some of the strategies that will enable gamblers to win when playing live roulette at some top online casinos.

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When was live speed roulette invented?

Developed by Evolution Gaming software company, the game came out in 2017.

Where is the game streamed from?

Live Speed Roulette game is streamed from a studio at Riga in Latvia.

Does the live roulette game come with an autoplay feature?

Yes, the game comes with an autoplay feature.