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Finding a suitable live blackjack table can be a tough call. That is because of the numerous options to consider, most of which are similar regarding gameplay and other features. However, Evolution Gaming has made significant efforts to ease the process by introducing live power blackjack, a game designed to offer a better gaming experience than other live blackjack games.

Live power blackjack by Evolution employs the same technology that the developer uses in most of its internationally accepted blackjack titles, ensuring top-quality gameplay and security. In addition, the game has several other features, including aesthetic ones, making it stand out among other live blackjack games.

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What is Live Power Blackjack

Most blackjack casino games live have unique selling points. The main thing that makes live power blackjack different from other regular casino live table games is that it does not use a standard deck of cards. For instance, all nines and tens are not used in the live game. Instead, eight decks are used, similar to other blackjack games. As a result, the dealing shoe contains only 352 cards instead of 416 because of the eliminated cards.

In live power blackjack by Evolution Gaming, the players are allowed to double, triple, and quadruple the first two cards they get. The nine and ten cards are eliminated from the decks to accommodate the addition of tripling and quadrupling. Players used to regular blackjack at any live dealer online casino might need to adopt new gaming strategies when playing live power blackjack.

How to Play Live Power Blackjack

Before the game starts, punters have a relatively short time to place their wagers. After that, there is no way of playing the game without wagering real money. No additional bets can be accepted after the time allocated for betting expires or when the live dealer distributes two cards to each of the players at the table.

Players can see the value of the two cards they get and one of the dealer's cards. That means live casino players have no way of knowing the total value of the dealer's hand. After players receive their first two cards, they each can choose to stand, hit, double, triple, quadruple, or split. The decision has to be made before a timer expires, after which no decisions are assumed to be a stand.

How Do Players Win?

After all the players make the relevant decisions, the dealer's second card is revealed. The dealer may opt to draw additional cards depending on the total card value. Punters win when their total card value is 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer's total card value. Getting a total card value of more than 21 is considered a bust and counts as an immediate loss.

When the total value of the first two cards that a player gets is exactly 21, the player scores a blackjack and wins the round instantly. Winning with a blackjack score has a much better payout than other wins.

Rules of Live Power Blackjack

The rules of live power blackjack dictate that all number cards are valued by the number on the card, except the nine and ten cards not included in the deck. All the face cards are counted as tens, and the ace can take a value of one or eleven.

Players are allowed to double, triple, or quadruple even after splitting. All the other rules are similar to those of regular blackjack, meaning punters who already know how to play the game will not have much to learn.

The Downside

Having the additional options to triple or quadruple the initial two cards is ideally beneficial to punters. However, it comes at the cost of playing the game without the nine and ten cards. That reduces the chances of landing a favorable card when the punters choose to double, triple, or quadruple. Players also need to consider using different strategies from those used in regular blackjack.

Live Power Blackjack Payouts

Payouts in live power blackjack are not any different from those of a standard live blackjack game. All regular wins have a payout of 1:1, meaning that punters get double the amount they wager for every routine win. A blackjack score at any live casino win has a payout of 3:2. Punters can also choose to play insurance bets at the best live casinos, though such have lower winning chances. The insurance bets have payouts of 2:1. Live power blackjack's overall RTP value stands at 98.80%. However, blackjack titles from most live casino software providers offer slightly higher payouts.

Side Bets

Power blackjack has four side bets in most live casinos, each with different payouts. The first one is called Any Pair, which allows punters to bet on the first two cards being a pair. The side bet has an RTP rate of 96.09%, and payouts are 7:1 for the regular pair and 20:1 for the suited pair. Other side bets are 21+3, hot 3s, and bust it.

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