Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Overview

Casino games adopting the concept of famous TV shows isn’t a new thing. And Playtech, one of the top-rated live casino software providers, is proud to bring one of the best live casino titles to its fans. Their 2020 release, the Deal/No Deal (the Big Draw), draws inspiration from the iconic Dutch TV show of a similar name. Additional features to the game, including mini draw side bets, enable players to multiply their tickets and bring more fun.

Here’s everything to expect from this live casino game.

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What is Live Deal/No Deal (the Big Draw)?

The Live Deal/No Deal (the Big Draw) by software provider Playtech is a bouncing ball game that pulls together the concept of the Iconic Deal or No Deal TV Show alongside those of a standard Bingo game. Like the TV show, the goal is to win a cash prize, either by striking a deal with the banker or revealing the hidden treasure in the briefcase.

The premium quality multi-camera streaming, and highly trained and professional dealers give the Big Draw Deal or No Deal its unique and attractive nature. The game supports streaming from different devices, including phones, tablets, desktops, or computers. The fact that it’s available in over 15 languages is also an added advantage to the players of casino live table games.

How to Play Live Deal or No Deal

The Live Deal/No Deal game comes up in phases. Here are the steps it takes.

Register at the Casino and Place a Bet

The first step is to register at a favorite live dealer online casino and place a bet (or buy a ticket). The ticket purchase amount will determine the prize rate- anything between 0.1× and 20×. The player will then receive 16 briefcases holding prizes of different values.

After receiving the briefcases, a player may decide to boost any of them with a small fee. It involves raising the prize by the sum contained in one of the five briefcases the gamer chose. Here is where luck plays a part since the player doesn’t know the contents of any briefcase yet hopes for a higher value.

Briefcase Assigning

Each purchased briefcase is entitled to a random prize. The player possesses one, while the other 15 receive numbers. Keno balls are then used to determine which of the briefcases should be opened, depending on which ones match the numbers on the balls. The casino live dealer will only make an offer once there are seven open briefcases on the bar.

The Player’s Move

A player can opt out of the game if there are no seven open cases. Alternatively, they can purchase five more balls. Given that all exposed cases are out of the game, the number of prizes remaining becomes limited. Players need to think again if they want to purchase more balls.

Accept or Deny the Banker’s Offer?

If seven briefcases match, the dealer will place an offer. A player has a choice to accept the banker’s offer, forget about the briefcase contents, or decline and focus on the hidden treasure.

This part is the heart of this game. First, a dealer’s offer isn’t always the best. Again, what’s in the briefcase may not be better than the offer. It is a gamble, and good decision-making comes into play to draw the biggest deal.

Continue or End the Game?

The player can decide to take their prize and leave the show or purchase more balls. The game allows the player to buy up to 35 balls, and having over seven opened cases may mean higher chances of better wins.

Play the Side Bet Mini-Game

Playtech includes a mini-game to keep its players involved during the downtime periods. The Side Bet Mini-Game is a straightforward live bingo game with 3x3 cards that uses the ball draw in the primary play for its outcome.

The player has to purchase cards, each valued at the price of their initial ticket. Each player can buy up to 20 tickets, and a card with six complete lines offers up to a 100x multiplier.

Live Deal or No Deal Payouts

Live Deal or No Deal offers an excellent way to spend time and enjoy casino games live. The moderate betting options (from $0.1 to $100 per ticket) make the game affordable for everyone, including the average bettors.

The game allows the players to take home exciting wins. The mini-game side bets, for instance, enable players to get up to 100× multiplier and a return to player (RTP) of 95.38%. The 95.38 RTP on their main game may be low compared to other games in the category. But, the fun and winning options that come with the game are sufficiently worth all the risks.

Quite a good number of live casinos worldwide are offering the game. Most of them also have a video preview of the gameplay in various languages to orient new players. It’s time to take the chance and try out the fun in the best live casinos powered by Playtech.

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