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MONOPOLY Big Baller is a brand new bingo-style game show, launched by Evolution Gaming, who have brought you popular online games like Mega Ball Live and MONOPOLY Live.
The exhilarating game combines elements of Mega Ball Live and MONOPOLY Live, so you're essentially playing a live Bingo game and experiencing full MONOPOLY fun, too. And it also has a lucrative Bonus Game attached with great payout potential. Can't wait to join in the excitement? Dive right into the world of MONOPOLY Big Baller at our top-recommended casino listed on CasinoRank.

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What is MONOPOLY Big Baller?

Launched in 2022, MONOPOLY Big Baller combines the 4-card Bingo game elements of Mega Ball Live and MONOPOLY Live. Enthusiasts of the latter will spot some classics like dice rolls, Go To Jail squares, and Chance and Free Space cards.

Some enhancements include the ball drawing machine in the Bingo game segment and in the Bonus Game, the 3D CGI MONOPOLY board is spectacular.

The basic rules are simple: balls bounce around, the ball drawing starts, drawn ball matches are made and one or more lines on the cards are completed.

MONOPOLY Big Baller takes you on a thrilling riverboat voyage and the excitement is boosted by numerous multipliers that offer greatly increased payout opportunities. For full on MONOPOLY fun, there's the lucrative Bonus Game with charming augmented reality, Mr. MONOPOLY who is hands-on to assist.

For the fans of live games, MONOPOLY Big Baller is definitely one to add to your playlist.

MONOPOLY Big Baller: How to Play

Ready for full MONOPOLY fun? We’ve covered the basics, so let’s dive into the ins and outs of playing.

Choose a Live Casino

Find a good live casino that offers Evolution live games. Once registered or logged in, navigate to the site’s Live Casino section, and select MONOPOLY Big Baller. You’ll be redirected to Evolution’s studio where a live dealer will present the game.

Place Your Bets

Remember the 4 Bingo cards and 2 Bonus Game cards (the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls) discussed earlier? Well, you’ll see them now at the bottom of the screen.

The game kicks off with 12 seconds of betting time where you decide how many cards you’re placing a bet on, the amounts you’ll be betting, and whether you will also be playing the Bonus Game cards. Once the betting period concludes, the Bonus Game begins.

Ball Drawing Starts

At the very start of the game, Mr. MONOPOLY pulls a lever that activates random multipliers. The ball machine comes to life and selects 20 balls bouncing around. One by one, the numbered balls pop out and if a drawn ball matches a number on your cards, it's marked off. Match your numbers and complete one or more lines to win. If numbers with multiple prizes are drawn, they are added to your winnings.

When the 20-ball round is complete, your winning lines and the numerous multipliers are tallied and added to your winnings. If one or both Bonus cards are drawn, then you automatically win access to the Bonus Game that begins immediately. Remember, you can only play the Bonus Game round if you bet on it at the start.

Multipliers Explained

In MONOPOLY Big Baller, the rules state that Bingo cards can have three types of chance multipliers:

  • Standard: multiplier prizes of 10x or 20x that get allocated to a unique number. So, if a winning line includes this unique number, winnings are multiplied by either 10x or 20x.
  • Line: has a value of 20x or 50x allocated to a line. If the line wins, the payout is multiplied accordingly.
  • Global: features multiplier prizes 2x and 3x and will also multiply all other multipliers on the card.

Free Spaces Explained

The forever hands on Mr. MONOPOLY randomly adds Free Spaces to Bingo cards. The Free Spaces serve as drawn ball numbers, which are great to have, since you'll need fewer current numbers in a line to win.

The Bonus Game

The Bonus Game features two dice and a 3D CGI MONOPOLY board covered with properties, Free Parking, Go To Jail, Chance, and Community blocks.

  • The blocks in the Bonus Game are given initial multipliers, but these are increased when houses and hotels land on them.
  • Mr. MONOPOLY starts at GO, dice are rolled, and the round commences as he moves along the board to the block that matches the dice number.
  • The Chance and Community Chest blocks hide either a prize or a penalty.
  • A 3 Rolls Bonus awards 3 rolls of the dice and a 5 Rolls Bonus awards 5.
  • If you roll a double, Mr. MONOPOLY moves the required blocks and adds an extra roll to the number of dice rolls. A double roll is also required to get him released if he’s stuck on a Go To Jail block.
  • If Mr. MONOPOLY lands on a block with a multiplier prize, the total sum gets added to your prize money. He's essentially there to collect multiplier prizes.
  • If he lands on Tax, you’ll be penalized 10%. Super Tax square? Say goodbye to 20% of your bankroll.
  • If Mr. MONOPOLY makes his way around the board and passes GO again, all multipliers are doubled going forward.

Play for Free

A live game like MONOPOLY Big Baller takes some practice, but there are no free or demo releases (as yet). You can, however, plug into an Evolution-powered casino to watch a live game without committing yourself or using real money.

Play for Real Money

Once you’ve watched a few live online casino games and feel confident enough, move on to play for real money. MONOPOLY Big Baller is powered by Evolution Gaming, so you can play via any of its live casino partners where your gaming experience will always be the same.

How to Win at MONOPOLY Big Baller

As mentioned before, MONOPOLY Big Baller is all about completing lines. The more lines you complete, the more you can win. Every line filled in the Bingo segment of the game can award up to 39:1 on your total bet.

There are also several bonus features to improve your chance of winning. Free Spaces can be placed on the card, which helps secure additional winning lines, and the Chance multipliers can seriously ramp up your overall chance. Chance cards boast the highest base live casino games payout, with up to 199:1.

Return to Player (RTP)

If you're in the business of winning, then the Return to Player information is important to know. An RTP, expressed as a percentage, is an amount that a particular game like MONOPOLY Big Baller is expected (not guaranteed) to return to a player after some time of playing. The higher the RTP value, the more players can expect to win back.

The RTP for MONOPOLY Big Baller is an impressive 96.1%. In other words, for every £10 bet, the average return to the player is £9.61.

Random Number Generators

Wondering if live games can be hacked or rigged? No, it can't. Online gaming has come a long way over the years. With Random Number Generators in place, gone are the days of blatant fraudulent activities like hacking and rigging. An RNG is a specialized algorithm that generates random numbers to ensure iGaming practices remain fair.

Best MONOPOLY Big Baller Strategies

While there is no definitive way of winning, there are certain strategies that can improve your odds. It's important to note that even with a game plan, winning MONOPOLY Big Baller is not set in stone — it’s gambling, after all, and 100% a game of chance and luck.

Basic Strategy

The standard approach to playing is about keeping it simple and experiencing all the game has to offer. There are 4x Bingo cards made up of two Free Space cards and two Chance cards. The difference between the two is that the Free Space has a central cell that is initially filled, while Chance has greater multipliers. There are also two Bonus cards you can bet on, so play them too, because if your cards are completed, you gain automatic access to the Bonus Game that offers greatly increased payout opportunities. The idea is that playing all six cards allows you to really dive into the game to experience the features in their entirety. As you become more familiar, you can approach it with more tact by selecting different cards to play or switching up the bet amounts.

Chance Strategy

As explained, a Free Space card serves as a drawn ball number, which is good to have, because it means you need fewer real ball numbers to complete a line. Essentially, it increases your odds of hitting and winning a line. A Chance card, on the other hand, always has a multiplier which has the potential to be more lucrative in terms of the amount you win. Think about it chance multipliers range from 2x to 199x per card — imagine your payout if you hit a chance multiplier at max. Wow! It’s important to remember, however, that maximum multipliers do not happen very often, but even so, the potential to collect multiplier prizes and win more is on the chance multipliers.

Take note: It’s a good idea to reduce your bet amount on a Chance card because while the opportunity to win more is greater, the stakes (if you lose) are higher, too.

Bonus Game Strategy

To activate the Bonus Game, you must bet on the Bonus cards, 3 Rolls, and/or 5 Rolls. If you successfully complete one of these cards, you automatically gain access to the Bonus Game where there are several more opportunities to win.

What to Look for in MONOPOLY Big Baller

Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest suppliers of live casino games, has outdone itself yet again with MONOPOLY Big Baller and its Bonus Game. Here's what you can expect from the game:

  • High-quality production: Players can expect an immersive production, including a high-quality user interface. The game is filmed in a live Evolution studio and the fact that its developers managed to include elements of previous versions is excellent.
  • Great Graphics and Sound: The graphics and sound are out of this world. Those who enjoy the games of Mega Ball Live and Monopoly Live will love the familiar features, but it’s the new, enhanced graphics like the ball drawing machine, CGI board, and background music that does it for us.
  • Improved Winning Potential: The thrill and excitement of the Bonus Game and the possibility of winning more when Mr. MONOPOLY goes to collect multiplier prizes for you is definitely a draw card that will ensure players' return.

MONOPOLY Big Balle Live Casino Safety & Security

Sure, you’re playing for enjoyment and a chance to win big, but how safe are you while iGaming? Choosing the right casino to play a live game like MONOPOLY Big Baller is imperative because you want to be assured that your sensitive information is safe, and that your wager payouts reflect the actual amount you must receive. Here are a few ways to know if a gaming site has your safety covered:

Security Measures are in Place

Ensure that the live casino has firewalls in place to prevent malicious codes from gaining access to your information. Check for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) verification which protects players’ information even if someone were to gain access. Also, refer to the site’s banking methods — are they secure and encrypted? You will find these security protocols and more implemented in any good live casino.

You are Asked to Verify Your Identity

If the gaming site you have selected to play MONOPOLY Big Baller prompts you to verify your identification details when you’re about to make a deposit, withdraw, etc. consider it a great sign. Identity verification is necessary to prevent fraudulent gambling activities.

The Live Casino is Licensed

Is the iGaming platform in possession of a legal live casino license? All reputable live casinos are licensed by a gambling regulatory authority that oversees compliance. The legislation that casinos must adhere to is pretty strict and includes laws that focus on players’ safety, creating a crime-free gambling environment, and ensuring fair gaming practices.

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What is MONOPOLY Big Baller?

MONOPOLY Big Baller is a live online casino game launched in 2022. It combines elements of the 4-card Bingo game from Mega Ball Live and features from MONOPOLY Live, such as dice rolls, Go To Jail squares, and Chance cards.

What are the multipliers in MONOPOLY Big Baller?

There are three types of multipliers: Standard, which multiplies winnings by 10x or 20x; Line, which has a value of 20x or 50x; and Global, which has multiplier prizes of 2x and 3x and can multiply other multipliers on the card.

Can you beat MONOPOLY Big Baller?

No, you cannot beat the game. It is 100% a game of chance, and if you win, it is by luck, not skill. However, while there is no definitive way of winning, there are certain strategies that can improve your odds of being successful.

Is Return to Player RTP important?

Yes, RTP is important. The higher a game’s RTP, which is expressed as a percentage, the more it is expected that players will win back over time. MONOPOLY Big Baller has an RTP of 96.1%, so for every £10 bet, the average return to the player is £9.61.

Can MONOPOLY Big Baller be hacked or rigged?

No, the game cannot be hacked or rigged thanks to a specialized algorithm called a Random Number Generator (RNG) that generates random numbers to ensure online gaming remains fair and randomized.

Is there a free MONOPOLY Big Baller bonus?

No, there is not a free game bonus. Players have to bet real money on a Bonus card and if the lines on the card are completed, they gain access to the Bonus Game.