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From the exotic ports of Shanghai to brick-and-mortar casinos in various parts of the world, gamblers never say enough is enough to Sic Bo. Easy to play and enjoyable, this casino classic is widely played in Asian casinos and beyond. Slowly but surely, it began to make inroads into the online casino world, giving millions of casino players around the globe an opportunity to catch the fun. Today, there are many Sic Bo variants at dozens of the best live casinos to keep players entertained. Live Sic Bo Shanghai is just but one of these variants. So, what about it?

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What is Live Sic Bo Shanghai?

Live Sic Bo Shanghai is a Sic Bo variant developed by SA Gaming, one of the top Asian casino software companies. SA Gaming is a Filipino-based casino game provider known for producing a high-quality casino game portfolio, including live roulette, Dragon Tiger, and of course, Live Sic Bo Shanghai. The latter, which is the subject of this writeup, utilizes three dice and features a human dealer. In this game, the dealer does not roll the dice. Instead, the dice are in a glass container in which they are automatically shaken on command.

The game can be played in several languages, including English, Spanish, Indonesia, and Malayan.

How to Play Live Sic Bo Shanghai

Although no one can dispute the popularity of standard live Sic Bo, there have been some concerns about the game, chief among them being the somewhat baffling decision to minimize the live dealer. And while the reason why live casino software providers do this is understandable, many casino players wish it were done differently. Thankfully, SA Gaming seems to have listened to the players' concerns because, in its Live Sic Bo Shanghai, the company has dealt with the issue almost perfectly. However, there are no any significant gameplay changes in the SA Gaming's variant despite the name.

The Rules of Live Sic Bo Shanghai

Every Live Sic Bo Shanghai round begins with placing bets. The betting duration lasts for 40 seconds, so players have to use their time well as soon as the countdown starts. During this period, players can place bets and even make changes to their initial choices. Once the betting duration elapses, the dealer shakes the dice inside the glass container by pressing a green button. The container will be zoomed in for players to have a good view of the action. The outcome of all the dice is also represented digitally.

While there are native Asian dealers in the game, there is no player-dealer chat feature. However, gamers can hear the croupier commenting on the outcome of each round, declaring the end of a round, etc.

Available Bets

So, what bet types can Sic Bo Shanghai players place at live casinos? Well, like other casino live table games, this Sic Bo version comes with dozens of bets. They include the following:

  • Numbers (betting on any specific number, ranging from 1 to 6)
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Big (over 10)
  • Small (under 11)
  • Any Triple
  • Specific triple
  • Pair
  • Specific Double
  • 3 Single
  • 2 Odd 1 Even
  • All Even
  • All Odd
  • Specific Double
  • Specific Double and Single
  • 4 Number

Important: Live Sic Bo Shanghai by SA Gaming comes with lots of handy tools to ensure live dealer online casino players enjoy the best experience. It is packed with stats, and it relies on distraction-free, straight gameplay. It is also an easy-to-learn title. With the betting duration lasting a lot longer, players have enough time to place bets. Hence, the room for making mistakes is significantly minimized.

Live Sic Bo Shanghai Payouts

Playing casino games live is about wagers and payouts, and Live Sic Bo Shanghai is no exception. However, the payouts of any casino game vary based on various factors, with the type of bet being one of the most significant ones. As mentioned before, casino live dealer players can bet on specific combinations, big numbers, or small numbers. They can also bet on triple-, double-, or triple-digit combinations. Each of these bet types has a different payout.

Typically, three-dice totals deliver the best payouts. For instance, if a player bets on a total of 9 or 12, they get a 191 to 25 payout. The highest possible payout is 180:1, which is the Specific Triple.

In terms of RTP, Live Sic Bo Shanghai's figure stands at 96.6%. Apparently, this is not the best RTP in the market, but it is not so bad either.

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