How to Make Casino Deposits and Withdrawals Using Revolut?

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Look no further than Revolut if you want a simple and safe method to make deposits and withdrawals at live casinos. Revolut is a leading financial technology firm that provides bettors with a convenient mobile app and cutting-edge digital banking services. Revolut's convenient multi-currency accounts and instant currency conversion make it easy to carry out transactions in several different currencies at favorable exchange rates. The Revolut debit cards may be used for both online and in-person gambling. Revolut's simple interface, low fees, and steadfast dedication to security make it ideal for live casino transactions.

How to Make Casino Deposits and Withdrawals Using Revolut?

Setting up a Revolut Account

A Revolut account may be set up in a few simple steps and just a couple of minutes. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. You can get started with the Revolut app right now by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. After downloading the app, you'll be asked to sign up. Your phone number and a new password will be required.
  3. The next step is to confirm the legitimacy of your identity by uploading a picture of a government-issued ID (driver's license or passport) and a selfie. This procedure is essential for staying in line with anti-money laundering standards.
  4. After passing the security verification process, you'll be able to add a debit/credit card or initiate a wire transfer to start funding your account.
  5. If you've purchased a physical card, you must register and activate it in the Revolut app by filling out the card information and then completing the on-screen instructions.
  6. Protections for your Revolut account include fingerprint scanning and two-factor authentication. The Revolut app allows you to customize these security settings to your preferences.

Following these procedures, your Revolut account will be activated. You may begin utilizing the app to deposit funds into your live casino account, make payments, and more.

Making a Live Casino Deposit with Revolut

Here's how to use Revolut to fund your live casino account:

  1. Make sure you have enough funds in your Revolut account to cover the deposit you want to make.
  2. When depositing on the live gambling site, choose Revolut as your chosen payment method.
  3. You'll need to provide your Revolut card data, including the card number, expiry date, and CVV code. You can find this information on the physical card if you've purchased one. If not, you may use the virtual card on your Revolut app, which you can access under the Cards area of the app.
  4. Verify that the information you provided is correct and that the deposit amount is what you intended.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the transaction.
  6. After making a deposit, double-check that money is available in your live casino account.

The following instructions will show you how to use your Revolut account to fund live casino accounts, even without a physical card. Keep in mind that the specific steps and the Revolut deposit limit may change based on the live casino platform you're using and your location. Play only on a trusted live casino site and always use sound money management whether depositing or withdrawing funds.

Withdrawing Casino Winnings with Revolut

Here's how to use Revolut to make a withdrawal from a live casino:

  1. You should check that your Revolut account is completely activated and validated. Depending on the circumstances, this may include going through identification verification procedures.
  2. You may start the withdrawal process by going to the withdrawal section of your live casino account.
  3. You may choose Revolut as your withdrawal method of choice. If you can't find Revolut on the list, try looking for it under another heading, usually under e-wallets or bank transfers.
  4. You'll need to comply with the live casino platform's requests for information like your Revolut account number and other relevant information.
  5. Enter the withdrawal amount you intend to make from your live casino account. Confirm that it adheres to the platform's restrictions.
  6. Check that you've entered the correct withdrawal amount and that your Revolut details are correct. Verify the withdrawal request.
  7. Your withdrawal request will be handled by the live casino software. The withdrawal speed is also subject to the casino's regulations and any further verification processes that may be required.
  8. Funds will be paid to your Revolut account after the withdrawal has been processed and accepted by the live casino.

Be sure you're aware of the Revolut withdrawal fee (if applicable), processing timeframes, or other restrictions linked with withdrawals by reading the terms and conditions of the live casino platform, especially the website's Revolut withdrawal limit.

Revolut Card

You may use your Revolut card to make free cash withdrawals at any of the 55,000 ATMs in their network. The card also enables you to convert currencies at a more advantageous exchange rate, helping you save even more money.

Your Revolut card will either be a Mastercard or a Visa, although this may vary per country. It's a Revolut Mastercard in the United Kingdom, for instance, but a Visa or Mastercard in the United States. The interbank rate, which is among the best, is used to calculate the exchange rate that Revolut offers, so it has no impact on which card you possess.

There are three tiers of Revolut Cards, listed below:

Revolut Standard

Every Revolut user is entitled to a free plastic or digital version of the Standard Revolut card. In addition to being able to shop and use ATMs, you can also take advantage of Revolut's compatibility with many currencies.

Premium Revolut

The Premium Revolut Card is an upgrade that may be purchased for additional perks and conveniences. Premium cardholders get access to additional privileges, such as travel insurance, faster access to customer service, airport lounges, and higher withdrawal constraints in addition to all the features of the Standard card.

Metal Revolut

The Metal Revolut card is a premium product for people who want a more luxurious banking experience. Metal cardholders get all the perks of the Premium card and more, including cash incentives for purchases, VIP concierge service, and free travel and medical insurance.

Revolut Fees and Charges

Depending on the kind of account you open with Revolut, you'll be subject to different fees. Some of the Revolute fee examples are as follows:

  • Account Types: Revolut offers different account options, including free Standard accounts, as well as premium accounts like Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal, which have associated monthly subscription fees.
  • Currency Exchange Fees: While Revolut offers competitive exchange rates for most currencies, fees may apply for specific transactions, such as currency exchanges during weekends or for less common currencies.
  • ATM Fees: Withdrawals from ATMs are free up to a specific amount with Revolut, however beyond that or while using ATMs in certain countries, fees may apply.
  • International Transfer Fees: With Revolut, you may send money abroad for free or at a reduced cost, up to a set limit; beyond that, you may incur costs.
  • Card Delivery Fees: Depending on your region and account type, a shipping charge may be assessed when ordering a physical Revolut card.
  • Insurance Fees (Premium/Metal): Premium and Metal accounts come with perks like travel insurance at no extra cost, but be sure to read the fine print to learn about any restrictions or additional costs.

Below is a quick rundown of the Revolut Card's perks and details. You should know that where you live, your account type, and your use habits may all affect the charges you incur. It is recommended that you check the official Revolut website or app for the most up-to-date and precise details.

Revolut StandardRevolut PremiumRevolut Metal
ATM withdrawals with no fees/month$1,200$1,200$1,200
Currency exchanges with no fees/month$1,000UnlimitedUnlimited
International transfers with no fees/month135
Priority customer supportNoYesYes

Revolut Cryptocurrency Features

You may use the Revolut crypto deposit feature to purchase, trade, and store a variety of cryptocurrencies, and the company supports crypto transactions. Depending on the user's location and the legal framework for cryptocurrencies in their nation, they may be able to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and other prominent cryptocurrencies.

Within the Revolut app, users can instantly convert between various cryptocurrencies and conventional fiat currencies, as well as keep track of their cryptocurrency holdings, monitor real-time market values, and establish price alerts. With cryptocurrency support included in the Revolut app, users can easily keep track of their fiat and cryptocurrency holdings in a single location.

Though Revolut facilitates crypto transactions, any cryptocurrencies bought through the platform remain inaccessible outside of Revolut until they are exchanged for fiat currency.


With its simple design, flexible features, and support for several currencies, Revolut provides a cutting-edge banking solution that is both practical and easy to use. Its safety and ease of use have made it a favorite for live casino transactions. Revolut's secure platform, attentive support staff, and cryptocurrency support are ideal for customers who value financial mobility. Individuals that use Revolut will have access to a cutting-edge digital banking system that streamlines their financial dealings. If you want to locate the top Revolut live casinos, check out CasinoRank for reviews and suggestions.

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Аrе thеrе аnу fееѕ оn Rеvоlut рауmеntѕ?

Certain categories of Revolut payments may incur fees. It is recommended to check the most recent fee schedule on the Revolut mobile app or website for up-to-date details, since the costs vary depending on criteria such as the kind of transaction, exchange rate, and account type.

Ноw fаѕt іѕ а саrd dероѕіt аt thе Rеvоlut Саѕіnоѕ?

Most card deposits made at Revolut Casinos are completed immediately, so you can start playing right away with the money you've deposited. Deposit processing times are often instantaneous, but might vary from one casino to the next based on their internal protocols.

Whаt іѕ thе mіnіmum аmоunt ассерtеd fоr dероѕіtѕ аt Rеvоlut Саѕіnоѕ?

The lowest deposit allowed at a Revolut Casino will be different from one establishment to the next. To find out what the minimum deposit is at the casino you're interested in, you should go through their terms and conditions.

How do I contact Revolut customer support?

Revolut's app has a live chat feature where users may communicate with customer service reps directly. Email and phone contact are also options, however, the best method will depend on the nature of your inquiry or problem.

Can I use Revolut for international money transfers?

Yes, customers of Revolut may send and receive funds overseas at minimal fees and excellent exchange rates. It gives real-time currency rates and allows for free or low-cost transactions up to a specific amount.

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