All You Need to Know About Welcome Bonuses



Nowadays, every online casino offers something different and it can be difficult at times to know how it all works and also to know which casino is the best for you. So, the best you can do is to look how they work generally, since that will make it easier to understand what a bonus can actually offer you.

All You Need to Know About Welcome Bonuses

What is a casino welcome bonus?

The goal of a welcome bonus is to attract a new customer by offering a deal that the online casino thinks it will appeal to most people who are looking to register at a casino. These bonuses can variate a lot, depending on the casino.

It depends on what the casino wants to promote at that specific time. You’ll certainly find some welcome bonuses that’ll be tied to new games that the casino is running at the time or, sometimes, they’re even offered as a part of a promotion.

However, not all bonuses are for those who are new at a casino. There are many bonuses for players who are already registered. But be sure that casinos are more interested in capturing new players.

Advantages of welcome bonuses

For example, if there’s a new casino prepared to enter the market, then it’s very probable that it offers a lot of attractive bonuses, as this will make it grow its customer’s base. The ones that have been already established for longer rely on their reputation.

When you’re trying to find a casino welcome bonus that fits you, it’s definitely worth taking into consideration whether or not the casino itself matches what you’re looking for. Although you’re able to register to more than one online casino, getting hold of a welcome bonus isn’t always straightforward, and doesn’t means you’ll have access automatically to the money just because you win and have followed all of the rules.

That’s when wagering requirements appears which can be a bit of a downer for many players. It’s always better to read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus.

Types of welcomes bonuses

There are plenty of welcome bonuses available at any online casino and you should know which ones there are available, in order to choose which one is the best for you. That way, you’ll be able choose the best for yourself.

It’s worth taking into consideration that there’s no such thing as free money. It’s true that you are able to find some bonuses where they give you free money without the need of you making a deposit and there’s no questions asked. But this is rare, and most online casinos will look to cover themselves from financial risk and liability for payout.

However, when an online casino offers something for free, statistics suggest that the average player will end up spending money enough in order to make up for their loss, and some of these accounts will be large enough that overall then it works fine for them.

Many online casinos restrict how much they can lose by having wagering requirements and this regards the times you’ll have to wager your bonus before you’re able to withdraw it.

The general definition of this is classed as the number of times you’ll need to bet your wager in order to withdraw this money. The average for this is 30x times whatever you deposit. Imagine if you deposit $10, then you’d have to gamble $300 fore you could do anything with those funds.

Some examples tend to give you some additional funds if you invest a certain amount of money, which are known as matched bets. In this type of bet you’d end with $20 in your account but you still had to reach $300.

Game limitations

Another aspect when it comes to the limitations linked to the welcome bonus are the games you can actually play using the money that this live casino welcome bonus gives you. Turns out that you’re only able to play slots.

However, this doesn’t apply to all casinos, so that’s a good thing. Playing, for example, blackjack or even roulette won’t give you any wagering requirements and this is because the casino won’t gain anything from you doing that. Many people are attracted to blackjack and roulette due to the great odds of winning, however these don’t count on many online casinos for their wagering requirements.

It’s possible to find an online casino offering a welcome bonus for blackjack, but don’t forget that you’ll need to wager another 10x worth the original bet, since this will be discounted in some way. So be aware of this.

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