How to Identify and Beat Online Live Poker Cheaters

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Live dealer poker is an exciting game that can offer a lot of thrills and opportunities for winning big.

However, some players are not willing to play according to terms and try different ways to cheat. Of course, this is very hard to happen as casinos are using the latest technologies to get protection from scammers, but you should always be aware of that possibility.

In this guide, we will review some of the most common signs for catching cheaters in online live poker and how to report them to the gambling site.

How to Identify and Beat Online Live Poker Cheaters

Signs of Cheating in Live Dealer Poker

  • Unusual winning streaks: If any of your opponents have a very unusual winning streak, they may be alert for cheating. A clear sign of that might be if a player wins multiple hands in a row when he is not likely to win. If you have a full house and he beats you, those "close calls" happen multiple times.
  • Consistent winning despite poor play: If you play against an unskilled player, but he wins consistently, he might find a way to cheat.
  • Always taking the same amount of time to make a decision: If any player is taking the same exact time to make a decision, he might use some tools for cheating.
  • Partnering with another player to cheat: This is hard to be caught, but if two players are playing together, it will be against the terms of any casino.

How to Report Suspected Cheating in Live Dealer Poker

If you suspect that someone is cheating in live dealer poker, it's essential to report him to the proper authorities. There are a few ways to do that.

  • Document any suspicious behavior: When you catch a cheater, you should write it down or record the action to send it to the casino site representatives.
  • Cooperate with the investigation: When the investigation begins, you need to cooperate in order for the scammer to be punished.
  • Contact the relevant gambling authority: If the casino site didn’t take the case seriously, you can always contact the gambling authority to process this.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Live Dealer Poker Cheaters

While it's not always possible to prevent cheating in live dealer poker, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from potential cheaters.

  • Be aware of the signs of cheating: You can be one step ahead by being familiar with the common signs of cheating at live dealer poker tables.
  • Play at reputable casinos: Always play at trusted online live casinos in order to keep yourself safe from poker scammers.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to other players' behavior: Watch out for any suspicious behavior or unusual patterns of online poker scams. One of the most common patterns that may indicate a cheater is when he marks certain cards in order to get more information for future deals.
  • Don't reveal too much information about your hand: If there’s a cheater on the table, you should not share any details about your poker hands or your personal details.
  • Avoid playing with suspicious players: If you get suspicious about someone on your table, you should leave that online room. If you cannot catch a scammer, it’s best to sit at another table.


Nowadays, trusted poker sites use the latest technologies to protect themselves and you from cheaters. However, there are some dishonest players that still find ways to violate the rules. So, if you sit at a table with a suspicious opponent, be aware of the signs of cheating in poker and try to report it.

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Are there cheaters in online live poker?

Cheating can occur in online live poker despite the use of anti-cheat software and random number generators. Methods include using bots, hacking, and colluding with other players.

How can you tell if someone is cheating at live dealer poker?

Signs of cheating in live dealer poker include consistent wins despite poor play, unusual winning streaks, always taking the same amount of time to make a decision, and partnering with another player to cheat.

What are examples of cheating in live dealer poker?

Examples of cheating in online poker include using electronic devices, marking cards, switching cards, stacking the deck, signaling to a partner, and collusion.

How do live casinos deal with cheaters?

Live casinos may launch an investigation and review surveillance footage or other evidence. Cheaters may be banned and legal action may be taken. Casinos may also shuffle more frequently or use automatic shufflers to prevent cheating.

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