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Live Blackjack Salon Privé by Ezug is one of the latest blackjack offerings from the live casino game developer, released in 2021. The game has several features that make it unique and exciting to punters and live casino operators alike. Elite punters might be familiar with some of the features, but they are bundled and presented in a way that makes everything unique. For example, the game allows punters to request shoe changes whenever they feel like the game has not been going their way for a while, with the experienced professional live dealers attending to such requests promptly.

Live blackjack salon privé can be played on desktop and mobile devices without installing software or mobile applications. The HTML5 technology used to develop the game, as it is with many live casino software providers, allows live gaming via any browser.

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What is Live Blackjack Salon Privé?

Live blackjack salon privé is an exclusive game for VIP punters and high rollers. The developer, Ezugi, described the game as the most luxurious product in its live dealer online casino games portfolio. The minimum bets are $1000, and the maximum bets are $10,000. The high bet minimums are meant to create and maintain the luxurious atmosphere that the game provides.

One exciting feature of the game is it allows punters to have a private live blackjack gaming experience. In addition, the game allows a single player to occupy all the seven seats at the blackjack table, taking the luxury experience to the next level.

How to play Live Blackjack Salon Privé

Live blackjack salon privé's gameplay is similar to Ezugi's live blackjack in many ways, especially regarding the rules. The main differences are the amount that punters must bet and the game's overall atmosphere. Punters also determine when the cards are dealt instead of being limited to a timer, as is common with other live blackjack variations. That means one round can last for as long as the players want it to last.

The gameplay starts after the players at a table place bets and accepts the casino live dealer's request to proceed with dealing the cards. The dealer distributes two cards to each bettor at the table. The banker also gets two cards and displays one of them so that all players can see the card's value. Players can then go through all the relevant calls, including hits, stand, double down, and split. After players bust or stand, the banker reveals the second card. The banker must draw an additional card if he scores less than 17 and stands on 17 or more.

How is Winning Determined?

Punters who score 21 with the first two cards dealt win the game instantly and get a much better payout than regular wins. A routine win in live casinos occurs when a player scores a total card value closer to 21 than the banker. That can be after splitting, hitting, and doubling. Players lose the round whenever they opt to get additional cards and score more than 21.

Rules of Live Blackjack Salon Privé

The rules of live blackjack salon privé casino games live dictate that the live game is played using eight standard card decks, each with 52 cards. The players can request a shoe change, meaning all the eight card decks are replaced with new ones. Punters can split on any pair of cards, but only once per hand. Players can receive only one more card when the split pair is of aces. Doubling is permitted on all hand totals, even after splitting.

Important Tips

There are several tips that punters can use to increase their winning chances and manage their bankrolls better. Besides playing at the best live casinos, the most obvious one is to find a suitable and effective strategy. Using a strategy makes decision-making regarding a hit and stand easier. Another tip is to avoid side bets with low chances of winning and payouts that are not worth the risk. A good example of a side bet to avoid is the 21+3, as Ezugi offers a lower payout for it on some hands.

Live Blackjack Salon Privé Payouts

Live blackjack salon Privé has a relatively attractive RTP rate of 99.50%. That is essential for high rollers as a slight difference in the rate, or house edge, translates into a significant amount of money in the long term. In addition, the game offers industry-standard payouts, which are generally attractive enough to make blackjack one of the most popular casino games.

The insurance payout in most casino live table games is 2:1, and that for blackjack is 3:2. Regular wins have payouts of 1:1. The payouts for the side bets vary depending on the outcomes. Perfect pair side bets have payouts of 6:1 for mixed pairs, 12:1 for colored pairs, and 25:1 for suited pairs. 21+3 side bets have payouts ranging from 5:1 for flush to 100:1 for suited strips. The RTP for perfect pairs side bets is 95.90%. That of 21+3 is 93.71%, which is relatively lower than the industry standard. That is contributed by the three-of-a-kind side bet having a 25:1 instead of 30:1 payout.

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